"The best golf book in 20 years."

                                     --James Dodson

"A beacon of light for the soul." 

                                     --Global Golf Post

"A combination of Twain's characters and humor with Hemingway's power and brevity."                       


"The best golf book ever written." 

                                     --The Links Diary

"Reese's vivid descriptions and economical use of words reminds me of Hemingway...for those of us who have scrapped a trip to the U.K., his tours around the links are the next best thing."

   --Ran Morrissett, Golf Magazine Architectural Editor, Golf Club Atlas

"What Shivas Irons is to Michael Murphy, Allan Bond is to Luke Reese.  Luckily for us, Reese captures their relationship for eternity in this timeless and transporting book."

—Michael Bamberger, GOLF Magazine //, Author of To the Linksland

“With its Twain-like storytelling and humor, One For The Memory Banks is a must read for any golfer who loves camaraderie and travel.“                                                                             --Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg

 "Part travelogue, part journey of discovery, part combat story, part love story. One For The Memory Banks is testament to what Alister Mackenzie called “the pleasurable excitement of links golf,” especially when it’s played among kindred spirits.”                                                                                                                                                             --George Peper, Links Magazine

"Luke Reese has an uncanny ability to distill human nature, golf and golf courses into their essential elements. The story is simultaneously uplifting and poignant and will appeal equally to both the well-traveled and the armchair golfer. His pithy descriptions of comparing various links courses in the UK to movies and actors is brilliant, and spot on. One for the Memory Banks introduces several new phrases into the golfing lexicon that are bound to stick, including "Billionaire golf." His hard-earned insight explaining why American golfers should never play against a British golfer for money will save you multiples of the cost of the book. Two thumbs up." 

 —John Sabino, Author, How to Play the World's Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

"His descriptions are so powerful, yet his wording so sparse, I would not have been at all surprised if this book had been written by Hemingway himself."

                                      --Tee to Green Magazine

"Great read…Enjoyed playing with those guys…but never enjoy losing and having to pay out.”                                                                                                                                      --Padraig Harrington, 3-time Major Winner

“Masterful storytelling. One for the Memory Banks beautifully weaves the color of the game with the personalities that every golfer will identify with and love. Once I started reading I could not put it down. The reader will be captivated by the masterful storytelling that transports the reader to each time and place as if they were right there playing along—a journey they will never forget.”

                                                 —Todd Martin, President, Peter Millar Golf

"The stories, the people, the friendships, the competition, and, of course, the emotion...One for the Memory Banks has everything that makes golf the greatest game on earth."

—Jason Adel, CEO, // GOLF Magazine

"Three chapters in.  Just read my favorite line ever written in a book.  Bondy is legendary.  I'm hooked!" 

—Wes Roberts, Shooting Star Golf Club

"If Hemingway had written about golf, he might have written One for the Memory Banks.  Reese's short, powerful sentences and vivid imagery propel the reader forward to an emotional ending."  

                                          --Tee to Green Magazine

"I couldn’t put this book down, except to take air swings in the house."

                                       —Jack Davis, Essex County Club

"Love the book--a wonderful read--full of laughter, friendship, competitive banter and old school golf at its best.   

                                          --Tim Edwards, Beaverbrook

"I don’t get the chance to read many books, so when I do, they need to fill my imagination with vivid images while telling a great story. Luke Reese does both of these in the archetypal “can’t put it down” way. While it is a story of a wonderful friendship born through golf, the picture he paints of the golf courses, the matches, the characters, and even the weather are in beautiful technicolor that burn into your mind...If you are a casual golfer, an avid top 100 collector, or just love hearing about people, this is for you to enjoy and become part of Luke’s family." 

—Neil Hampton, General Manager, Royal Dornoch

"Be warned: you will enjoy it ONLY if you like books that study human nature or if you like reading books that are golf-centric or if you like learning about UK hidden gems or if you like buddy stories or if you prefer match play, or if you agree that life is best experienced outdoors or etc. etc. ETC. You get the point: Golf is definitely the backdrop, but One for the Memory Banks is a story about life."

—Ran Morrissett, Founder, Golf Club Atlas

"You will find trips to Europe's finest courses.  You will find competition and collaboration.  You will find witty repartee, grandstanding, suffering, and celebration....and you will find yourself on the floor, rolling in laughter...Luke Reese is a born storyteller.  I can not recommend this book more highly."

--Ron Montesano, GOLF WRX