One for the Memory Banks

One for the Memory Banks

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One for the Memory Banks is a hilarious, and poignant, memoir about Luke Reese's fascination-turned-obsession with golf and about the friendships forged by a mutual love of the great game played on great courses.  Part travelogue, part biography, part memoir, One for the Memory Banks captures the give and take of competition and conjures these memories and relationships in technicolor.  Through vignettes, Luke Reese carries readers on a sweeping journey across the UK and Ireland, introducing them to a motley crew of people who share a passion, and reminding them what makes golf so great. Luke Reese moved to Europe having played limited golf on muddy Ohio farms/golf courses.  Allan Bond, known as Bondy, grew up caddying on the West Coast of Scotland.  Like many Scots of his generation, he had a set of clubs before he had a bike.  When 52-year-old Bondy meets 34-year-old Luke, Bondy teaches Luke to play golf—the Scottish way.  They become fast friends.  Their golf travels open a world of laughter, competition, and memories, which will change each of them forever.

One for the Memory Banks ships August 1st."The stories, the people, the friendships, the competition, and, of course, the emotion...One for the Memory Banks has everything that makes golf the greatest game on earth."

—Jason Adel, CEO, // GOLF Magazine

One for the Memory Banks beautifully weaves the color of the game with the personalities that every golfer will identify with and love. Once I started reading I could not put it down. The reader will be captivated by the masterful storytelling that transports the reader to each time and place as if they were right there playing along—a journey they will never forget.”

Todd Martin, President, Peter Millar Golf

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